Why Choose Linia Skin?

We are proud to welcome you to LINIA Skin Clinic; A new and modern clinic set on four floors in the prestigious Harley Street of London specialising in Dermatology and Laser services, as well as Surgical and Non-surgical cosmetic procedures using state of the art surgical theatres.

Why Choose Linia Skin?

Our Mission

At LINIA Skin Clinic, we are dedicated to our patients and our aim is to deliver the best results in the most relaxed and professional environment possible, ensuring you have peace of mind every step of the way.

We aim to provide an outstanding service for all our patients by creating a personalised and effective treatment pathway which allows us to deliver the best results and do what we do best.


At LINIA Skin Clinic we provide a full range of Dermatology and Laser services as well as Surgical and Non-surgical Cosmetic procedures. These include: treatment of skin conditions, skin care and make up at our unique skin shop, anti-wrinkle treatment, rejuvenating treatments, chemical peels, dermal fillers, non-surgical face and neck lift, laser treatment and laser hair removal. Surgically, we perform rhinoplasty surgery, facelift surgery, breast enlargement and liposuction.

We recognise that special conditions require experts within the field and we therefore offer a number of special clinics. These include: acne and rosacea, hair and nails, paediatric dermatology and skin cancer clinics.

We are also aware that a healthy skin can result in patients looking and feeling healthy. At LINIA Skin Clinic, we have opened the first exclusive skin care shop in Harley Street where our clients are offered a skin consultation with one of our experts before being recommended their own personalised skin care regime.


Our team of staff will ensure to address all the needs of the patients prior to their treatments in order to ensure a satisfied journey through our clinic.

Our team of doctors, nurses and therapists regularly take part in training to update their skills to ensure we offer innovative and pioneering treatments

At LINIA Skin Clinic we pride ourselves on providing a personal and high quality service to both existing patients, and new patients. We take great pride in our commitment, skill and the expertise of our staff, as well as lasting relationships that we build with our patients.

For more information about our services, call us on 0207 100 5252 to speak to a member of staff.  We look forward to meeting your every need.

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