Vampire Facelift and Facial (PRP)

At Linia, we provide the famous PRP or Vampire facial in our London skin clinic on Harley Street.

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What is a PRP Vampire Facial?

The so-called Vampire Facial has been made famous in recent years by Kim Kardashian and involves the use of PRP therapy, or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.

This is a treatment that offers an alternative to traditional, more expensive and more invasive treatments that involve more downtime.

The treatment begins with the surgeon taking some of your blood from your arm and then passing it through a centrifuge to separate the platelet rich plasma from the rest.

As PRP contains a high concentration of platelets, growth factors and stem cells it is used to stimulate elastin and collagen in the skin.

While the blood is put into the machine, your face is cleaned thoroughly and then a topical anaesthetic is applied to ensure that you do not feel any pain at all during the procedure.

Microneedling is used to deliver the platelet rich plasma to the skin on the face. The surgeon does this by making tiny injections and then filling these with the PRP.

This process helps to encourage the body’s healing mechanism to kick in and is the most effective way to introduce the PRP.




What’s the Difference Between a Vampire Facelift and Vampire Facial?

The actual use of PRP therapy and microneedling is exactly the same in the Vampire Face Lift as it is in the Vampire Facial, with one difference.

Before using the platelet rich plasma and microneedling to complete the facelift, Hyaluronic Acid filler is used.

This is normally Juvéderm or Restylane and the physician performing the procedure uses this in a very special and precise way to sculpt your face, smoothing out any wrinkles and other problem areas to give you a much younger appearance, while retaining its natural shape.

At Linia Skin, we provide both the Vampire Face Lift and Vampire Facial in our London skin clinic on Harley Street.


What Are the Benefits of Vampire Facials?

The vampire Facial may sound rather hideous the first time you read about it, but the reason it has remained steadily popular is because of the many great benefits patients who have undergone the experience have had.

It is important to note that the results will vary from person to person, but some of the most common benefits of the PRP Vampire Facial include:

• Reduced appearance of scars
• Firmer and smoother skin texture
• Reduced appearance of pores
• Decreased areas of darkened skin and sun spots
• More even and balanced skin tone
• Reduced or softened stretch marks
• Reduced scars caused by acne
• Smoother and less obvious wrinkles and fine lines


Vampire Facial - woman months after treatment with good skin


Vampire Facial Before and After

The great thing about the Vampire Facial treatment is that up to three months after you’ve been administered the treatment, it will continue to work at boosting and generating collagen in the skin of your face.

Although that time window exists, there have been many patients whom have noticed continued benefits from their PRP therapy for up to two years after they had the treatment.

To achieve the best results, you are encouraged, if you are older, to have three treatments around six weeks apart.

Whereas, if you are younger and already have reasonable quality skin, you may only require one treatment.

As noted earlier, the results can vary, but you should be able to notice a more youthful appearance than you had before the treatment, with any lines being smoother and less pronounced.

To help show you what is possible with the Vampire Facial, we have a selection of before and after images from previous patients who have attended our clinic for the procedure.


Vampire Facial Costs

As with most procedures, the cost of PRP Facials will vary. That is not just from practice to practice, but from individual to individual.

It is, however, still one of the most cost-effective non-invasive forms of treatment available right now.

You can expect to pay anything from £300 to £450 and that will be on top of anything else you have done at the same time.

Many people opt to have other treatments completed at the same time that complement the procedure, or just as a way of making better use of the time they take out from work and other commitments.


Vampire / PRP Facial Side Effects

It would be irresponsible, unprofessional and simply untrue to say that the Vampire Facial was completely free from side effects.

Although most who have the procedure done tend to have less problems and serious side effects than those who have more traditional and invasive treatments, there are still some you should be well aware of and prepared for.

As microneedling using microfine needles are used to administer the PRP, irritation around the skin on the face is only natural.

Your face may also feel itchy and puffy for a few days after you have had the treatment. This is perfectly normal and will generally settle within 24 to 48 hours.

Further to this, you may also suffer from mild bruising around your eyes and the injection sites, but this largely depends on how sensitive your skin is and the majority of our patients recover with little to no visible bruising.

Ultimately, the use of your own blood in this procedure makes it relatively safe and you’re unlikely to experience side effects beyond the already mentioned.