Vaginal Tightening Surgery

Vaginoplasty is a commonly performed surgical procedure for women who want to tighten and strengthen the skin inside and around the vagina. Losses in tightness and skin tone naturally occur as we age and our reproductive organs are no exception, with many women opting for vagina surgery here at Linia Skin Clinic.

Age is not always the cause – genetics, child birth and lack of hormones (menopause) are also a reason for a decline in vaginal elasticity or dryness.

Not Just a Vaginal Rejuvenation…

The procedure has more recently been called “vaginal rejuvenation” as it has garnered more and more popularity. We understand that this subject is not the easiest to speak about openly, however, we hope to provide you with confidence and comfort at Linia.

As the vaginal walls become weaker, this can often cause pain, a lack of sensation during sexual intercourse or both. Self-consciousness starts to set in often causing strain to both parties in a relationship.


Vaginoplasty - vagina tightening surgery


Ladies, if you’re experiencing vaginal pain or you’d like to tighten the walls of your vagina, we’ve got you covered. Our aim after performing vaginal tightening surgery is to relieve your pain, leave you feeling more comfortable and have you feeling more secure in yourself than when you walked in.

We aim to rejuvenate your life as well as your vagina.

Who is Vagina Surgery For?

Who would’ve thought an organ for sexual intercourse and childbirth could cause so much discomfort? You’re not alone if you have noticed a significant change in the shape, size or tone of your vagina – we provide vaginoplasty at LINIA Skin Clinic to repair the skin that has become stretched after childbirth or has just lost its tone with age.

We recommend pelvic floor exercises to help naturally strengthen the vagina, however, sometimes the only way to eliminate the appearance of stretched skin is to undergo treatment.

How Long Does a Vaginoplasty Take?

If you’re looking for a convenient procedure, look no further than LINIA Skin Clinic. We provide vaginal tightening and vaginoplasty under a local anaesthetic and the operation will take between 1-2 hours (though this does depend on your individual circumstances).

For postmenopausal women; you don’t have to experience urinary incontinence – at LINIA Skin Clinic, we provide vaginal rejuvenation. After this treatment, you may experience bleeding or scarring but this won’t last forever!

Vaginal rejuvenation at LINIA Skin Clinic will revive the skin, giving you an instant improvement to the quality and feel of your reproductive organ.