Here, at LINIA Skin Clinic, we can offer ultherapy. Ulthera treatment is perfect for stimulating collagen, making the skin appear to be revitalised and healthy!

The process is simple, we use ultrasound to improve the elasticity of your skin – it helps to tighten any areas that are loose and also lift areas that are heavy (this includes sagging eyelids). Our professionals are qualified to deliver the correct amount of ultrasound to the right area, ultimately ensure that there is enough energy available for the stimulation process to occur.

If you’re considering LINIA Skin Clinic for your Ultherapy treatment, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with the service they require and more, with customer satisfaction regarded as the most important measure of our success. The starting price for our Ultherapy treatment is £1,000 however, unlike most treatments, you only require a single treatment, then you’ll have the youthful appearance you’ve been waiting for! Why not arrange a consultation today!

Whether you’re looking to tighten, tone or lift your face, neck or chest, LINIA Skin Clinic guarantees treatment is safe and effective.

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