Based in Harley Street, London here at LINIA Skin Clinic we have a range of services tailored to the needs of women. We can tailor treatment to meet your needs accordingly. Whether you’re aspiring to improve your appearance or eliminate functionality disorders, we achieve only the best results!

You may have noticed that not many clinics offer wide-ranging services for women’s sexual disorders; but at LINIA Skin Clinic, our Well Woman Clinic aims to provide you with the advice you require! We offer specialised services that are tailored to your needs and wants, so whether you need a gynaecology service, vaginal surgery or a smear test, we have the perfect, comfortable and relaxing facilities – with our specialists all under one roof.

What services do we offer?

If you’re looking for vaginal rejuvenation, vaginal tightening or polcyctic ovaries – The LINIA Skin Clinic has the ideal cosmetic procedures that ensure you feel less pain and discomfort. Regardless of menstrual disorders; we have hymenoplasty procedure, prolapse services and hormone replacement therapy that meet your needs for privacy and confidentiality.

Recovery from a hysterectomy is something that we can also offer at LINIA Skin Clinic. We have professionals who are trained to carry out procedures such as vaginoplasty and endometriosis. We ensure that treatment is effective – making improvements instantaneously, therefore allowing you to carry on with normality.

Woman’s Wellness Clinic

Sexual Disorders

  • Sexual disorders like lack of libido (lack of desire, difficulties in arousal, and orgasm), painful intercourse and other difficulties in having fulfilling and enjoyable sexual experiences. It well known that many of these problems have psychosexual origin and our specialists are fully trained in that.

Vaginal Tightening / Rejuvenation

Many women have these difficulties due to excessive relaxation of vagina as a result of childbirth. This leads to weakening and damaging the muscles of pelvic floor. This not only leads to feeling lose and affecting sexual enjoyment but also can lead to problems of urinary incontinence. Traditionally, women have put up with this and never sought help. However, there is no need to suffer in silence and there are easy and non-invasive solutions for these problems. In the past most of the treatments of such conditions were surgical (quite invasive) There have been break through in technology and LASER and radiofrequency treatments are available to create vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. A specialist consultation is available to discuss what treatment is most suitable to you and a comprehensive range of service including surgery is available to you.

Labioplasty / Labial Reduction / Augmentation

Women are becoming increasingly conscious about the appearance of their genitalia. Labia have a range of shape and appearance. In majority of cases the shape of size of the labia has no effect on women’s health. However, in certain cases labia are abnormally long and can lead to discomfort due to constant rubbing. This can be particularly a problem in certain sports like horse riding. Abnormally long labia can also affect women’s sexual health. Apart from being caught they can affect self-confidence and esteem. Some women have expressed such a serious effect that they are unable to have relationship.  Abnormally long and asymmetrical vulva can be reshaped to improve function and appearance.  This can be achieved by plastic surgical procedure or LASER or radiofrequency treatment.

Further Information

  • For culture or personal reasons some women want to restore the hymen and virginity. A plastic reconstruction of hymen is available for such women to repair or reconstruct the hymen.
  • Unfortunately aging effects tissues and skin on every part of body. Skin of the vulva can become loose and wrinkly. LASER or Radiofrequency treatment or plastic surgery improves the skin integrity and texture and also tightens it creating improved appearance.
  • A specific service is available for women to provide sexual health service to postmenopausal women. These women suffer from a number problems due changes as a result of menopause. Including vaginal dryness, lack of libido, urinary symptoms and climacteric symptoms including hot flushes. Moreover appearance of the genitalia also changes due to laxity of skin. Vagina can shrink due to lack of hormones or become lax. In both situations sexual intercourse can be affected. At this service a specialist consultation and guidance is available to manage these women through menopause. Providing both medical treatment (Hormones and alternatives) and surgical treatment (LASER rejuvenation and prolapse surgery)
  • Appearance of the female genitalia has been drawing more and more attention lately. It has led many women to believe that their genitalia are abnormal and needs plastic surgery. At this service we provide an unbiased, scientific and clinical advice to address women’s needs.

If you have any of the above issues please contact us at LINIA Woman’s Wellness Clinic on 0207 100 5252.

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