Skin tags can vary in colour, shape and size, they are soft features that tend to occur on the neck, armpit or groin and despite not being overly obvious, they can affect our self-esteem and confidence. These harmless lesions are formed as a result of ageing, and tend to be prevalent in those with those who have gained or lost a weight quickly.

LINIA Skin Clinic offers skin tag removal treatments which include:

Skin tag removal freezing also known as cryotherapy – here the skin tag can be removed easily as the rapid freezing destroys the cells that make up the skin tag. The process offers a pain-free experience and is quick, making it convenient and efficient! Once the tag has been frozen, the blood supply will be blocked and the skin tag may even fall off naturally.

Other treatment includes shave excision this is where a local anaesthetic is provided and a razor is used to shave the lesion off.

Alternatively, diathermy, uses an electrical current and needle, this works in contrast to freezing, with the lesion being heated up and cut from the skin surface.

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