Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Thanks to LINIA Skin Clinic, laser hair removal in London and the UK has never been simpler!

Unwanted hair can not only look unflattering, especially if it’s exposed areas around the clothes you are wearing, such as bikinis, swimwear, lingerie, skirts and shorts.

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However, it’s not just the aesthetics of unwanted hair that’s a problem, for many people (particularly women) it can have an incredibly negative impact on their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Laser Hair Removal in London and the UK

We have met the increasing demands of hair removal by using innovative technologies such as the Magma diode laser which guarantees effective and efficient results, while providing a:

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Painless
  • Quick

treatment for all skin types.

Laser Hair Removal Suitable for Unwanted Hair on Most Body Parts

Permanent hair removal can be difficult, however, at LINIA Skin Clinic, we use technologies that are suitable for all skin types and prevents the regrowth of hair in the future.

The laser equipment only damages the hair follicles, unlike most hair removal techniques, minimally affecting the skin surrounding the area you wish to target.

Our infrared laser light stops hair growth by using heat from the laser, while ensuring there is no skin irritation incurred, allowing hair removal treatment to be used by anyone, even those with sensitive skin that is prone to irritation.

The Magma laser is one of the fastest and most effective hair removal systems available and is the optimal choice for high volume hair removal procedures.

This system also comes equipped with a unique electrical melaninometer which is attached to the device and allows you to provide an accurate check of skin melanin – ensuring extra safety.


Which Body Parts Can I Get Laser Removal On?

It’s not just all skin types that laser hair removal is suitable for, as it can be used for all parts of the body where unwanted hair is found. Therefore at Linia in our hair removal clinic we can offer the following:

  • laser hair removal face
  • laser hair leg removal
  • laser hair back removal
  • laser hair lip removal

Laser Hair Removal Before and After:

Linia Laser Hair Removal - Back before and after


Our Laser Hair Removal Prices (Per Session)*

  • Lip, jawline and chin – £39
  • Complete beard – £75
  • Neck or back – £39
  • Upper cheeks – £39
  • Lower half of legs – £130
  • Underarm and bikini line – £49
  • Underarm and Hollywood/Brazillian bikini line – £59
  • Underar, bikini line and lower leg – £99
  • Underarm, Hollywood/Brazillian bikini line and lower leg – £115
  • Underarm, Hollywood/Brazillian bikini line and full leg – £130
  • Back of neck, shoulder and full back – £130
  • Stomach and chest – £99

*These prices are subject to individual consultation may vary for each case

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Still need a little persuading that laser hair removal is right for you? Consider the following great benefits that come from investing in this form of hair removal:

Cost of Laser Treatment is Lower in Long Run

Although it does include a higher upfront cost than traditional methods of hair removal, once you’ve started having regular laser hair removal sessions, you will save money on the costs of razors, depilatory creams, waxes.

Minimal to No Side Effects

Generally, there are only a few side effects you may experience from laser hair removal. These side effects only tend to last for a few days at most.


Woman armpit post laser hair treatment


Fast, Effective and Precise

While it’s true the session length will depend on the size of the area where hair is being removed from, it is quicker than other methods of hair removal.

It is also incredibly effective and precise, as it removes the targeted hairs at their follicles. This is proven in scientific studies, such as this review by the American Society For Dermatology

Given that it is not uncommon for clients to experience near permanent hair loss within 3 to 7 sessions, it’s also one of the most effective forms of hair removal in the long run.

Don’t Need to Wait for Hair Growth

Unlike traditional hair removal techniques such as waxing, where you need to wait for surface hair to appear before using it again. This means you can still fuzz-free while you wait for the more long-term benefits of laser hair removal to take effect or between sessions.

It is actually recommended that you shave the little surface hair that appears, to stop scorching from the laser occuring.

No More Dreaded Ingrown Hairs, Skin Irritation and Razor Burns

As we mentioned earlier, one of the biggest problems with other methods of hair removal is the dreaded ingrown hairs.

This is possible and likely with epilating, threading, shaving and waxing. With laser hair removal though, you no longer need to put up with these issues. Neither do you need to cope with the risk of skin irritation and razor burns.


woman laser hair removal on face


Why Do We Get Excess and Unwanted Hair?

It’s quite common to have unwanted hair on various areas of the body, such as your toes, feet, bikini line, lower abdomen, fingers, legs, back, cheeks, chin and upper lip. Although it may be normal to have some hair there, we know some people suffer from excessive amounts of hair. There are a number of different causes for this, including:

  • Medical abnormalities like higher levels of androgen, a male hormone
  • Genetics
  • Taking certain medications such as steroids or hormones
  • Suffering from medical conditions affecting the endocrine system, like polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Problems and Risks Associated With Traditional Hair Removal Methods

It’s likely you have a method or two you commonly use when removing unwanted hair from those areas of the body you’d rather were bare.

However, most traditional methods of hair removal are problematic at best. Waxing, plucking with tweezers and shaving do get the job done, but range from being ineffective and time-consuming to painful and irritating.

Some of the common risks related to traditional hair removal methods are as follows:

  • Shaving – Superficial infections caused by cuts, viral wart spread, skin irritation, ingrown hairs
  • Plucking – Scarring, ingrown hairs
  • Depilation – Allergic reactions, superficial chemical burns
  • Hot Waxing – Strripping away the first skin layer (although this is rare, it can happen), infections, superficial burns


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