HIFU: A Simple Guide to a Revolutionary Treatment

Some of the most common telltale signs of aging or stress can be found in the skin of the neck and around the eyes. At LINIA Skin Clinic, we know just how frustrating it can be to look in the mirror and see loose or sagging skin when we feel just as youthful and vibrant as ever on the inside. There is, however, a revolutionary remedy now available to resolve this problem and help you look as young as you feel. Take a look below for a simple guide to HIFU – otherwise known as Ulthera – treatment.


A simple guide to dermal fillers: What you need to know

If you’re looking to improve your skin fullness and elasticity and reduce the signs of aging, including the appearance of wrinkles, then dermal fillers may be the answer. This straightforward procedure can revolutionise your look and dramatically improve your self-esteem. The specialists at LINIA Skin Clinic regularly apply dermal fillers, so see below for their quick and easy guide to this simple treatment.


What is Rosacea & How to cope with it

Many people throughout the world suffer from the condition known as rosacea, a condition that most often affects the skin of the face and neck – usually heavily affecting the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin. The team at LINIA Skin Clinic comes across cases of rosacea on a regular basis – so take a look at their simple guide to recognising and dealing with the condition.


Mole Checking & What to Look For – The Ultimate Guide

Moles are very common, according to the Consulting Room, the average adult has over 30! Moles can run in the family and are present from birth or you can develop them before you are 30 years old.

It is estimated that between 1 and 3% of babies have at least one mole when they are born, these kinds of moles are called congenital nevi.

So, if you have a mole or you think you have one, what should you look for and what should you do about it?


3 Tips to effectively manage acne prone skin

Acne is synonymous with the teenage years, with both girls and boys witnessing a surge in hormones it is almost an inevitable side-effect of growing up. But what you might not realise is that acne can affect anyone at any stage in their life. Whether you’re male or female at 50 years old or 36 – we all suffer from acne at some point.


LINIA Skin Clinic Launches……

As part of our on-going commitment to improve and increase our patient services we are happy to announce the opening of our new LINIA Skin Clinic at our Harley Street premises.

We are proud to welcome you to LINIA Skin Clinic; A new and modern clinic set on four floors in the prestigious Harley Street of London specialising in Dermatology and Laser services, as well as Surgical and Nonsurgical cosmetic procedures using state of the art surgical theatres.