If you’re looking to achieve smoother, softer skin, LINIA Skin Clinic provides the perfect non-surgical solution. Our hyaluronic acid fillers naturally work to enhance the appearance of your lips, cheeks, forehead lines, nose, nasolabial fold (laughter lines), wrinkles and facial lines.

The quality of your skin can diminish with age, it happens to us all. However, if you’re looking to create youthful volume and elasticity you could benefit from one of our dermal filler treatments, these are injected beneath the skin using a fine needle.

Noticeably more and more people have the need to create a face that is seen to be “perfect” whether it’s contoured cheekbones or enhanced lips, we can meet your individual requirements, no matter what. The number one cheek filler used at LINIA Skin Clinic is Juvéderm, this filler is suitable for adding volume and creating that attractive cheek curve, and giving you a more youthful look.

Before and After Treatment:

Tear Trough Treatment

Tear Trough extends from the inner corner of the eye forming a semi-circular arc. A deep tear trough can create a shadow that forms a dark circle below the eye which makes the area under the eye along the bone appear hollow resulting in tired looking eyes and dark circles. It also creates a division between the lower eyelid and cheek that is an early sign of ageing. Eye hollows can develop from a young age and are caused by genetics, lack of sleep, stress and poor diet.

A tear trough filler treatment is an instant and natural looking correction to fix the hollows under the eyes. Tear trough filler treatment is used by our cosmetic doctors at LINIA Skin Clinic to correct the tear trough and it also reduces the risk of lumpiness, excessive bruising and other complications. Our doctors use microcannula techniques that produce a natural result with minimal discomfort and risks.

The Ideal candidates for tear trough treatment are any patients that do not have excessive fat accumulation under the eyelids. Our cosmetic doctors who specialise in tear trough treatment correct this area by dermal fillers. This helps the appearance of the dark circles and hollows which can be dramatically reduced making the eyes look rejuvenated and brighter. Tear trough treatment is a non-surgical treatment that uses Hyaluronic acid dermal filler injections using a micro cannula which is a less invasive alternative treatment than cosmetic eyelid surgery. It Is a soft tissue filler used on other parts of the face as well as its use in management of tear trough. Fillers are becoming a safer and extremely popular alternative to surgery in many patients with mild to moderate lower lid tear trough deformities. Furthermore, Juverderm Voluma and Volift can be used to manage the loss of soft tissue in the mid-face area.

Our clients who have had tear trough treatments are extremely satisfied. By making a simple correction to this area, the client’s overall appearance is restored to their youthful looking self.

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