Cyst Removal

Cyst Removal

At Linia Skin, we offer cyst removal in our London Harley Street clinic. Cysts can knock your confidence as they may appear in highly visible places like your face or your upper body. Our qualified dermatologists can remove your cyst with the minimum of discomfort and give you your confidence back.

How do you remove a cyst?

Though they are typically harmless, cyst removal is often preferred by patients. This procedure is often a wise decision as cysts can often grow and despite not being dangerous – unless they become infected – they can knock your confidence.

The standard treatment we use at Linia is to use local anaesthetic to numb the cyst area, then making a small incision as possible and gently squeezing out the content of the cyst. We will be sure to remove the sack when we can to ensure the lowest possibility of the cyst recurring.

Sebaceous cyst removal is generally a permanent procedure but there is a small chance of it coming back.

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Does Removing a Cyst Leave a Scar?

Our treatment is done purposefully in order that scarring will be kept as minimal as possible. But it depends on the size of the cyst being removed, which is another reason we recommend early cyst removal where possible.

Any scars will also fade and lighten in colour over time.

What is a cyst?

Cysts are round lumps or bumps that build up under the skin. They aren’t generally painful or dangerous, neither is the content of the cyst usually anything to worry about.

As your skin sheds, your cells come to the surface of your skin in order for them to come off and regenerate. When a cyst generates, it’s because sometimes the cells don’t make it to the surface of your skin and shed underneath, forming a sac where keratin is secreted.

This is the thick, yellow paste you typically see coming out of a cyst during removal.

A cyst won’t contain pus or fluid unless it is infected.

Your consultant may want to find out the contents of the cyst before any treatment or procedure if there are any doubts. This may involve a biopsy. But a cyst is generally harmless besides its appearance which may be making you uncomfortable.

doctor squeezing cyst on back

What’s the Difference Between Epidermoid Cysts and Pilar Cysts?

Epidermoid cysts are the more common cysts that we are asked to remove. These type of cysts are bumps that commonly appear on the:

  • face
  • neck
  • back
  • upper body in general

Cysts commonly found on the scalp or around hair follicles are pilar cysts. These type of cysts can be genetic and run in the family.

Both of these type of cysts collectively are often referred to as sebaceous cysts. They can be removed safely and effectively by our specialist dermatologists.

Can you remove or squeeze out a cyst at home?

Some cysts, if close to the surface of the skin, might have a visible black “plug”. Though it’s tempting to burst the cyst and squeeze around this plug, this isn’t recommended.

Most cysts have sacks beneath the skin and will likely grow back if this isn’t removed through proper treatment.

If your sebaceous cyst is infected, you’ll risk spreading the infection and making it worse. It’s best to see a professional skin clinic like Linia or see your GP.

Who is most likely to get a cyst?

Anyone can get a cyst, but you’re more likely to get a cyst if you fall into one of the following categories:

Epidermoid Cysts

  • You have a history of acne or nodular severe acne
  • Those just recently having been through puberty
  • Have injured skin
  • Damaged hair follicles

Pilar Cysts

All of the same points as epidermoid cysts apply but pilar cysts are more common in:

  • Middle-aged adults
  • Women
  • Genetic (can run in the family unlike epidermoid cysts)

What can happen if a cyst is left untreated?

Though small sebaceous cysts are usually harmless, occasionally, if left untreated, a cyst may become infected. This can cause pain, irritation and increase the potential for scarring during treatment and removal.

If you suspect that your cyst is infected because:

  • Smelly pus oozes out of the cyst
  • The area is sore and tender to the touch
  • The area is red

Then contact your GP as soon as possible or use our private GP services.

Other possible scenarios are that the cyst may get larger and more unsightly. This is far from ideal when the location is a very visible one on your body, face or scalp. Early cyst removal is always advised to avoid this risk and the bigger scar that goes with removal of larger cysts.

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