Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Is acne negatively affecting your life and self-confidence?

At LINIA Skin Clinic we can help, our expert dermatologists offer a variety of acne treatments for our patients to help treat their acne and prevent the permanent scarring that can result from untreated and inflamed acne.

During your consultation (Book Here), we will examine your skin and formulate a personalised treatment plan, we aim to cure acne not just to control it and achieve a high cure rate.

Treatments available:

  • Topical treatments, i.e. those that are applied directly to the skin
  • Oral antibiotics, i.e. tablets taken by mouth
  • Oral contraceptive pills
  • Isotretinoin capsules
  • Other treatments such as
  • Peels
  • LED Light
  • Lasers

There are a wide range of topical treatments available for acne. They include:

Topical Treatments

Retinoids and Similar Drugs

Available as lotions, gels and creams, these feature derivatives of Vitamin A and can be applied directly to acne in the evening and daily. They work by stopping follicles getting plugged.

Antibiotic creams

This is another applied directly that helps reduce redness and kills off the excess skin bacteria. They can be used in conjunction with retinoids.

Azelaic and Salicylic acids

Found naturally in animal products and wholegrains, Azelaic acid has potent antibacterial properties. It does carry with it slight side effects like minor skin irritation and discoloration.

Salicylic acid can stop hair follicles becoming clogged and is available in leave-on and wash-off forms.

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Oral Medications

The various oral medications that have been proven to work in tackling the problem of acne include:

Oral Antibiotics

These are used to treat acne that is classified as being moderate to severe and can help reduce the inflammation and bacteria. It is important, however, to use these as little as possible and not for extended periods as they could cause your body to build up an antibiotic resistance. It is best to use oral antibiotics with topical benzoyl peroxide and retinoids.

Oral Contraceptive Pills

There are some varieties of oral contraceptive pills that also help treat acne. They contain a combination of progestin and estrogen.

The downside is that the positive results of this form of treatment is not always visible until after a few months. Common side effects of this treatment include feeling nauseous, having tender breasts and weight gain.

Isotretinoin/Roaccutane Capsules

Isotretinoin is an oral medication that can be used to treat acne if you have a severe case that has not been reduced or eradicated with alternative treatments.

Accutane is highly effective and is considered the most effective treatment for severe acne that has been unresponsive to other treatments. But it also carries potentially serious side effects, including an increase in feelings of depression, suicidal thoughts and increased liver enzymes. This doesn’t affect most people, but should be closely monitored.

Other Acne Treatments

There are alternative treatments to the above, including the following:

Chemical Peels

As the name suggests, chemical peels consist of a special natural and powerful chemical solution like retinoic, glycolic or salicylic acid that is applied directly to your acne.

LED Light

This is a form of therapy that is used to deal with the swelling and redness caused by and associated with acne. It has been discovered that the bacteria responsible can be destroyed using different kinds of light.


Similarly to LED light, lasers can be used to treat acne. The heat from the pulses of light can kill the bacteria, while reducing the inflammation and redness.

Many patients prefer this option because it is less invasive than others and does not come with any serious side effects.

If you are looking to rid yourself of acne, there are lots of effective acne treatments available. Speak to the team here at LINIA Skin Clinic.

If you are unsure which treatment is best for you, one of our specialists will be happy to give you a consultation appointment and discuss them.

Our Dermatologists offer a wide range of effective, specialist acne treatments to patients to help.

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Before and After Treatment:

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