Microneedling Treatment With Calecim | A Facial That Renews Your Skin

Microneedling Treatment With Calecim | A Facial That Renews Your Skin

At Linia Skin Clinic, we are delighted to offer the latest, ground-breaking new microneedling treatment with CALECIM to bring the youth back to your face.

This is a special treatment that takes one and a half hours to complete that offers the regeneration your skin needs. It is cutting edge and completely evidence-based.

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Conventional Microneedling Techniques

Conventional microneedling is very popular, and it’s not really surprising. It is effective at treating a full range of conditions, such as sun-damaged skin, pigmentation, crepey and thin skin, acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines.

Thanks to the fact that it is not very invasive, this treatment, typically performed with a dermapen offers high quality results with little to no downtime.

Microneedling, as the name perhaps suggests, involves the process of puncturing your skin using microneedles, in order to trigger your body’s natural autoimmune healing response. This then helps to repair ageing and damaged skin by producing new skin tissue.

Why Our Microneedling Treatment is Different

Our modern microneedling technique creates more than 70,000 micro channels in a minute and is performed using the only automated microneedling device cleared by the FDA. After the SkinPen Precision has been used, your skin is infused with a potent stem cell media that has been devised from the lining of the human umbilical cord. This is known as CALECIM Professional.

Afterwards, LED light technology inspired by NASA is used to shine on the treated area to stimulate skin cell production and soothe it.

Using Microneedling Treatments for Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Large Pores and Acne Scars

To achieve effective and organized remodeling of your skin, the production of elastin and collagen needs to be enhanced. This can result in thin and crepey style skin being corrected, wrinkles and fine lines reduced and acne scars faded.

There is also evidence microneedling can break the pigmentation deposits in affected skin, as an effective alternative or even adjunctive procedure to IPL or laser when treating hyperpigmentation.


CALECIM® professional is a serum that is a protein mixture devised from the culture of the umbilical cord lining cell. It differs from other forms of conditioned media as it is taken from higher quality mesenchymal and epithelial stem cells.

This mixture is incredibly high in the growth factors and proteins necessary for tissue regeneration and repair. You can read all about the science of Calecim here

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You will be given a face to face appointment at our London skin clinic where you can consult with one of our expert practitioners before having treatment. This is to make sure you choose the right treatment for what you would like to achieve.


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Microneedling FAQs

What happens when you have the treatment?

An anaesthetic cream is applied directly to the area that is going to be treated. The anaesthetic cream reduces any kind of discomfort you may feel.

The skin is then given a deep cleansing before the CALECIM® serum is applied. As well as soothing and hydrating the skin during the microneedling, it also acts as a glide for the practitioner to use the SkinPen more easily. Scratching is natural during the procedure, though it’s not considered painful.

Once completed, more CALECIM® Professional serum is applied to your skin to encourage natural skin remodeling and healing. Then an LED mask is placed onto your skin. This feels very relaxing and soothing.

For the next few days you will need to apply Calecim Professional at home, to ensure your skin benefits from the maximum volume of proteins and growth factors.

It is natural for your skin to feel tight and hot immediately after the treatment with a sun-burnt, pink colour.

How many sessions do I need?

You will likely see a difference after one session within 4 weeks. However, depending on how severe the condition is, we would normally recommend a course of three treatments.

If you have very thin skin or much deeper than normal scarring, it may be you will need at least eight treatments. This will be discussed with you at your consultation appointment.

We recommend all our clients maintain the results by having single top-up treatments every 6 to 12 months.

What are the risks?

Unlike other procedures, microneedling treatments generally carry low risks. You should be aware you may experience changes in your skin in the first couple of days. These include:

Skin remains pink for 1 to 3 days following treatment. After the first day, this should be easy enough to cover using make-up.
Skin feels flaky or dry. You will be given recommendations about the at home skincare products you can use to reduce dryness and irritation.

Mild swelling and bruising is rare, but can happen.

As the only microneedling pen available that uses a needle cartridge that is completely sealed inside, there is no chance for body fluids to enter the base. This eliminates the chance of cross contamination.

What are the aftercare instructions?

These will be discussed more during your microneedling appointment, but as a snapshot, there are things you can and should do to aid the healing process.

Don’t touch the treated area for at least 6 hours following treatment. You also need to adopt good hand hygiene practices when applying the serum.

You should also avoid using any cosmetic products, unless otherwise recommended, to reduce irritation.

Don’t expose your skin to UV from the sun for at least 2 weeks following treatment and always wear sun protection that has a broad-spectrum SPF of 30 or more.

Eat a healthy diet and stay hydrated to assist your body with the natural regeneration process.

We have noted some skin and collagen-boosting foods you should consider incorporating into your diet.


Microneedling aftercare recommended supplements and lifestyle tips

Vitamin C – Vitamin is known for its responsibility in encouraging collagen production. While wounds are healing, the body needs Vitamin C to stabilize collagen structures.

It can also boost the function of your immune system by sending special cells that aid the healing process of your wounds. Foods high in Vitamin C include cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, parsley, kale, broccoli, spinach, tomato juice and tomatoes, citrus fruits and bell peppers.

It’s also widely available as a supplement and at a reasonable cost. Worth supplementing with as our modern lifestyle is constantly depleting us of this crucial vitamin.

Vitamin A – This is particularly crucial for natural epidermal or skin growth, as it assists in the differentiation and reproduction of cells. It also has anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. Foods high in Vitamin A include squash, carrots, leafy greens, spinach and kale.

Vitamin A is also available as a supplement or part of a multi-vitamin complex. Always be sure to purchase quality supplements if you’re going that route.

Antioxidants – Your body will produce a higher level of free radicals as a result of the inflammation caused by the procedure. These can be combated while supporting the oxidative balance of your body by eating foods high in antioxidants.

This includes blackberries, blueberries, strawberries and leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach. If you struggle to get such a broad variety of foods in your diet, again it’s worth supplementing with high quality antioxidant products

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* Every patient is a unique individual and every surgery has unique aspects. Therefore, results may vary. To read our full disclaimer please click here.

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