Facial Skin Tightening

Facial Skin Tightening

LINIA Skin Clinic work in partnership with Thermi.

Thermi is used for aesthetics, dermatology and women’s health and wellbeing. It’s commonly used by plastic and cosmetic surgeons due to its minimally invasive thermistor which can reduce the signs of ageing by using radio frequencies.

If your skin is sagging because you’ve recently lost a lot of weight you could benefit from LINIA Skin Clinic’s facial skin tightening treatments. The facial skin tightening process contracts the skin tissue to reduce the appearance of sagging skin.


ThermiSmooth® is designed to smooth wrinkles and revitalise your skin. It’s achieved by using a handheld thermistor that is perfect for heating a specific area of the face.

Here at LINIA Skin Clinic, we use ThermiSmooth® to replenish the skin by heating up the surface of the skin, with the thermistor operating by sweeping the skin in a circular motion. The patient experiences no discomfort and results can be seen within as little as six to eight weeks’ time, after a series of gentle treatments! The facial skin tightening treatment process is described to feel like a warm massage.

LINIA Skin Clinic use ThermiSmooth® as it incorporates radio frequency which has the ability to self-adjust to the target temperature and to heat up the precise area of the face.


Before and After Treatment:



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