Thermitight is a non-surgical alternative to expensive neck lift surgery! Non-invasive, it will meet your aesthetic and dermatological needs, helping disguise the signs of ageing whilst enhancing your appearance.

Thermitight is suitable for all ages and uses highly targeted heating of the sub-dermal tissue. By applying with expert precision we ensure that we only target the specific areas you want to tighten. Achieving painless results with little or no downtime.

You enjoy the benefits of:

  • Reduce sagging by tightening your skin, typically jowls and neck
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve overall skin texture and tone
  • Restore a youthful and smoother appearance

Before and After Treatment:

Patient Testimonial

“Last year I had ThermiTight radiofrequency treatment with Dr Zokaie and the results were excellent, my neck and jaw line were very much improved – a great alternative to having surgery! Apart from a little swelling for a few days, there is no downtime and it wasn’t painful. Really recommend this treatment.”

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