Welcome to the Acne & Rosacea Clinic

As acne, acne scarring, and rosacea are very common conditions, affecting 90% of the population at some time in their life, we have set up the first and only clinic dedicated entirely to their treatment.

The Acne & Rosacea Clinic at LINIA Skin Clinic is run by a team of Dermatologists and nurses specialising in different aspects of acne and rosacea management.

We are aware that most people suffering from acne, acne scarring and rosacea are unsatisfied with the treatment they receive due to lack of knowledge and understanding of the disease. At our clinic we offer a number of treatments that are very effective and are not available on the NHS. We offer the widest range of treatments available and our focus is on selecting the most appropriate treatment for you.

Call us today on 0207 1005252 to book a consultation.