At LINIA Skin Clinic, we have combined Dermalab technology with state of the art skin analysis, this enables us to make a reliable assessment of how healthy your skin is and what improvements are required.

The results from our skin analysis are effective in terms of accuracy when highlighting any problematic area. These areas are identified in good time, making it easier to treat them – using appropriate products that offer suitability!

At LINIA Skin Clinic, our skin analysis makes an evaluation of your skin, rather than just using a series of photographs to make comparisons, our advanced technology is ideal for suggesting which routines are appropriate for enhancing your skin!

Our skin analyser tests your skin against seven parameters to generate valuable data. It is perfect for identifying the different aspects of health.

When it comes to skin analysis, there are so many benefits, including:

  • Track the status of your skin
  • Identify areas of improvements
  • Potential changes required
  • Highlight any underlying problems.