PRP Hair Loss Treatment

PRP Treatment For Hair Loss

Almost 80% of men and around 50% of women suffer hair loss at some stage in their life. This disorder is generally known as AGA – Androgenetic alopecia.

While there is no known 100% effective cure for this disorder, one therapy that has been shown to be effective is Platelet-rich plasma – PRP hair treatment.

We offer PRP hair loss treatment in London at our Harley Street skin clinic.


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Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy has held up to scrutiny in the scientific literature.

A meta-study of twelve different PRP studies had most showing that Platelet-rich plasma was effective for increasing hair density and diameter.


What Happens During PRP Hair Treatment?

The treatment starts with blood being taken from your arm, similar to a blood test.

Your blood is then placed into a tube. Inside this tube will be a separation gel which will isolate your platelet-rich red blood cells from the plasma that makes up your blood.

For this separation process to be completed, your blood, along with the separation gel will be placed in a centrifuge machine.

The end product is what’s known as platelet-rich plasma or PRP. This solution is injected into the thinning areas of your scalp that are showing signs of hair loss.

The PRP hair injections work to stimulate the growth of your hair. It does this by extending your hair’s growth cycle, as well as helping to facilitate the rejuvenation of your hair follicles.

Scientific literature shows evidence that PRP works for hair loss and promotes healing by releasing growth factors, which come from the platelets and are released to the thinning areas the treatment is applied to.

Cytokines are also released which help this process too.


PRP Hair Loss Treatment Consultation

Our specialist will carefully examine your scalp and thinning areas of your hair.

Based on this, we’ll recommend a treatment regime that’s optimal for the severity of your condition.


How Often Do I Need PRP Hair Injections?

PRP hair injections are commonly done in 3 sessions at monthly intervals.

You can maintain your results with a treatment regime of two to three times a year.

This is what’s normally recommended but your consultant will provide you with an individual, bespoke recommendation after examining your hair.


PRP Hair Treatment Side Effects

It’s unlikely you’ll experience any side effects from PRP as it’s obtained from your own blood.

It’s rare that any adverse side effects are experienced beyond some redness and a little bit of swelling for a couple of days.

If any of these side effects persist, we’ll always be here for your aftercare.


Recovery From PRP Injection On Hair

Fast recovery is one of the biggest positives of PRP hair treatment.

Unlike a hair transplant which can mean months of downtime and recovery, PRP hair injection patients can resume their daily activities and continue their life as normal immediately after treatment.


PRP Hair Results – Before and After

PRP Hair Loss YTreatment Before and After

Results are usually noticeable within 3 months. You should see a measurable improvement in your hair growth in this time, which will continue further over the next six months.

As with most treatments, the variation in patient results are dependent on lifestyle factors like age, nutrition, smoking and your general health.

The condition of your hair pre-treatment will also play a part in the results you see over time.

Other hair loss treatments can offer synergy with PRP treatment when combined. These treatments include:

  • Hair transplant
  • Laser treatment
  • Minoxidil (e.g. rogaine) laser
  • Vitamin infusion treatment

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