Introducing AlumierMD: Brighter Ideas in Skin Science 

What is Alumier MD?

AlumierMD was created by a prestigious group of experienced PhD physicians, biochemists and skin care specialists. This group worked to utilise innovative ingredients to enhance skin care, and provide customised professional treatments.

AlumierMD’s focus on helping you achieve amazing skin and they know that to do that you first need to identify and understand every skin profile.

How can AlumierMD help me?

AlumierMD products can be used to help treat and combat a whole host of skin conditions including:


  • Step 1: Exfoliate to remove build-up
  • Step 2: Reduce the amount of acne bacteria
  • Step 3: Control sebum production
  • Step 4: Repair skin texture and tone
  • Step 5: Protect against inflammation and UV damage


  • Step 1: Consult your skin care professional
  • Step 2: Reduce inflammation and redness
  • Step 3: Repair the skin’s natural moisture barrier
  • Step 4: Reduce bacteria and other microbial agents
  • Step 5: Protect from UV rays
  • Step 6: Camouflage redness


  • Step 1: Exfoliate to lift pigmentation and stimulate new skin cell growth
  • Step 2: Prevent the formation of new pigmentation
  • Step 3: Protect against UV rays
  • Step 4: Camouflage


  • Step 1: Exfoliate to increase cell turnover
  • Step 2: Strengthen the dermal matrix of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid
  • Step 3: Reduce hyperpigmentation and discolouration
  • Step 4: Optimise hydration levels
  • Step 5: Protect with broad-spectrum sunscreen
  • Step 6: Protect with antioxidants

AlumirMD Skin Care Grid

Click here to download the AlumierMD Skin Care Grid.

AlumierMD at LINIA Skin Clinic

Here at LINIA Skin Clinic we provide a range of AlumierMD’s professional treatments, from facials to peels and radiance treatments, all following the AlumierMD P.R.I.S.M. approach:

P: Protect – from UV and environmental damage.
R: Reduce – oxidative stress and inflammation.
I: Increase – collagen, elastin and clarity.
S: Stimulate – cellular turnover.
M: Moisturise – to maintain optimum hydration.

Before and After