What is a non-surgical rhinoplasty?

The nose is seen as the anchor feature of the face, and so it is rather common for individuals to feel unhappy regarding the aesthetics of their nose. And though surgery can be used, the use of non-surgical rhinoplasties to aesthetically correct perceived defects have been in use since the turn of the 19th century and provide a non-invasive procedure with minimal bruising and swelling.

What is involved in a non-surgical rhinoplasty?

Here at LINIA Skin, our non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures involve injecting the award winning Juvederm filler under the nasal skin, most commonly within the deep subcutaneous tissue above the periosteum.

The full procedure typically only takes 20 to 30 minutes and requires very little if any recovery time, allowing you to immediately resume normal activities.

Here at LINIA Skin we proud ourselves in utilising the renowned filler Juvederm due to its fantastic results along with its safe non-allergenic properties.

What can a non-surgical rhinoplasty be used for?

Non-surgical rhinoplasties can be used to help correct a wide range of atheistic nasal defects such as:

  • augmentation of a flat nasal bridge
  • added projection of the nasal tip
  • correction of retracted columella
  • small reduction of nostril size
  • the perceptual diminution of a nasal hump
  • filling a nasal sidewall depression
  • enhancing a retracted anterior nasal spine
  • enhancement of a retracted maxilla lateral to the pyriform aperture to displace the anterior plane
  • elevation of a saddle nose deformity caused by a failed primary rhinoplasty
  • traumatic injury

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