Non-Surgical Jowl Lift

non surgical jowl and jawline lift

At Linia Skin Clinic, we provide the non-invasive solution to the loose skin around your cheeks and underneath your face. Our non-surgical jowl lift can completely rejuvenate your jawline and neck area. Book your consultation today

What is a non-surgical jowl or jawline lift?

Though wrinkles are often thought of as the major concern for ageing skin, a recent study found that the number one concern in women over the age of 50 was sagging skin and loss of definition around the face, chin and neck caused by dropping jawlines.

Here the use of a non-surgical jawline lift or jowl lift can help to rejuvenate the face without the need for any invasive procedures, helping to minimise recovery time and have you feeling younger in no time at all.


What is involved in a non-surgical jowl or jawline lift?

The procedure of a non-surgical jawline lift is a simple and non-invasive treatment which can have you feeling younger and more confident in your appearance.

The procedure involves a series of small Juvederm injections being given along the jaw line, which help lift the muscles that pull down on the jaw and cause dropping hence lifting the jawline, providing a fresher, younger look.

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What are Jowls and What Causes Them?

Jowls is the name given to sagging skin just below the jawline or chin. It is a very common effect of ageing, that almost everyone experiences at some point. Over time the skin around the jawline loses its elasticity and thins out.

People with more collagen, fat or thicker skin around their chin and cheeks may have less noticeable jowls. There are even some who never develop it thanks to their lifestyle choices, environmental factors and genes.


How is the Loss of Collagen and Elastin Connected to the Development of Jowls?

Collagen and elastin are proteins found in the body’s connective tissue.

As the levels of these proteins reduce, the tightness and firmness in the cheek skin loses its tightness and firmness. When this happens, gravity comes into play and it begins to sag.

This is where a non-surgical chin lift can help with a more defined jawline and help the appearance of jowls.


How are Genetics Connected to the Development of Jowls?

Genetics can also come into play for the definition of your jawline, whether or not you develop jowls and if they are noticeable or not.

For instance, if your parents have them, then it is more likely you will too.

Likewise, if you have lower levels than normal of elastin and collagen in your skin or your skin is unnaturally thin, you may develop them earlier in life.

It is even possible to develop jowls in your teens and twenties.




How are Lifestyle and Environmental Factors Connected to Jowls around the Jaw and Chin?

As noted above there are other factors that can cause jowls related to either your lifestyle or environmental conditions including:

  •         Regular use of phones or computers
  •         Smoking
  •         Exposure to the sun
  •         Weight loss
  •         Facial expressions

Non surgical jawline lifts can help with these issues that have caused jowls, but it’s recommended that you minimize exposure to the above where possible.


What are the Potential Side Effects of Juvéderm Non-Surgical Jawline lift?

With most cosmetic surgery procedures, even the non-surgical treatment we offer, there is always the potential risk of side effects. Juvéderm, the dermal filler that consists of hyaluronic acid is known to have some side effects, such as bruising and swelling. Others may include:

  •         Itching
  •         Minor pain
  •         Bumps or lumps
  •         Tenderness
  •         Redness

The procedure doesn’t often produce these side effects and in the occasions they do occur, they normally subside after two to four weeks.

Severe side effects are almost always generally down to incorrect application of the Juvéderm injections.

As mistakes like these can result in permanent scarring, it is crucial that you choose a professional doctor who has the been fully licensed, certified and trained to perform non-surgical jowl lifts. 

All of our surgeons fit this criteria and will discuss all of your needs and answer your questions in great depth during your consultation.


What is the Recovery Time for Non-Surgical Jawline Treatment?

The expected recovery time for the treatment is minimal. It is, however, advised that patients avoid taking part in any serious physical activity, consuming alcohol, wearing make-up and exposure to the sun for 24-hours.


How Long Does the Result of the Treatment Last?

The majority of our patients notice positive effects from the treatment almost immediately, or at least once any swelling has reduced. Generally, the results of this treatment can last anything from a minimum of six months to a maximum of two years.

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