What is a non-surgical jawline lift?

Though wrinkles are often thought of as the major concern for ageing skin, a recent study found that the number one concern in women over the age of 50 was sagging skin and loss of definition around the face and neck caused by dropping jawlines.

Here the use of a non-surgical jawline lift or jowl lift can help to rejuvenate the face without the need for any invasive procedures, helping to minimise recovery time and have you feeling younger in no time at all.

What is involved in a non-surgical jawline lift?

The procedure of a non-surgical jawline lift is a simple and non-invasive treatment which can have you feeling younger and more confident in your appearance.

The procedure involves a series of small Juvederm injections being given along the jaw line, which help lift the muscles that pull down on the jaw and cause dropping hence lifting the jawline, providing a fresher, younger look.

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