Here at Linia Wellness Clinic, we offer a full range of general medical services for you and your family. You do not need to register, we welcome visitors from abroad and our appointments are available at very short notice. We take the time to discuss your symptoms in detail and prescribe you with the best line of treatment.

We provide a personal, comprehensive and tailored range of GP services delivered to the highest clinical standards. We are one stop shop for healthcare, from consultation to investigation to referrals to prescriptions, we provide answer to every question you may have. Our aim is to provide the level of care that people require and deserve and make it available when they actually need it.

Our GP division is lead by Dr. Dhawan who is chosen for his patience, ability and professionalism. He is a very experienced GP and his patients find him approachable and comfortable to discuss their concerns, no matter how big or small.

Illness & Diseases 

We can help diagnose and manage a range or acute illnesses and chronic or long term conditions. Additionally we provide advice on men and woman’s health as well as sexual health screening.


Here at Harley Health Village we provide various blood tests and imaging as required to determine the cause of the disease/illness. We can get results of the tests (usually same day) for most requests.


Medicine is a multi-disciplinary field and sometimes not everything can be dealt by a single physician. If need arises we can refer you to a specialist both at Linia Skin Clinic and outside as well.


We offer full range of UK immunisation schedule and travel vaccination including anti-malarial medication and anti-sickness medications.


Consultation 15 minutes – £100
Consultation 30 minutes – £150
Phone consult 15 minutes – £60
Repeat Prescription – £20
Home Visit (in 1 mile radius) – £300
Join our membership for £9.99/month and save 20% on all GP consultations

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To find out more or to book an appointment, call 0207 100 5252

Patient Testimonials

“Quite a worry don’t you see? When you are told you’ve a new Doctor. You take the plunge and go along; hoping that your fears are wrong. My case is simple; through the years. Poorer reception in my ears, so Dr. Dhawan sounded fine, but emerged as Darwin down the line. Origin of species brilliant work; shedding light where once was murk, but overqualified he must be; To be caring for the likes of me.”

“Dr. Dhawan is extremely helpful, gives good advice, is sympathetic and provides great advice and service tries to help me resolve all my health issues. I would highly recommend him.”

“I had dermal fillers for lips with Dr Dhawan, having previously had my lips done twice before with different practitioners the difference is amazing. It was explained to me in great detail about the procedure. I was asked what I wanted and then Dr Dhawan suggested his thoughts which were perfect. The whole experience was about me (his client) and not just about filling lips and taking money. ”

“I couldn’t have been more pleased with my experience. Dr Dhawan made me comfortable, was professional, and it was just a great experience. If I get another treatment I will definitely go to him.”

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