What is Rosacea? rosacea_treatment_linia_skin_clinic

Rosacea is a common rash, usually occurring on the face, which predominantly affects middle-aged (age range 40 to 60 years old) and fair-skinned people. It is more common in women, but tends to be more severe in men. It is a chronic condition and, in any individual, the severity tends to come and go. Rosacea tends to affect the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose, and is characterised by flushing and redness, dilated blood vessels, small red bumps and pus-filled spots. There may also be uncomfortable inflammation of the surface of the eyes and eyelids.

What are the symptoms of rosacea?

The skin of the face is often sensitive, and the affected area can feel very hot or sting. Although rosacea is generally considered harmless, those with it often suffer social and emotional difficulties such as a loss of self-esteem, self-confidence and depression.


At LINIA Skin Clinics we offer a wide range of treatment options for those with rosacea.

The treatments generally include:

  • Topical products – The inflammatory element of mild to moderate rosacea may be controlled with a topical products. It can take at least 8 weeks for their effect to become evident.
  • Oral tablet – Antibiotics are helpful for the inflammatory element of moderate or severe rosacea. The most commonly used antibiotics are tetracyclines. Erythromycin is also another commonly used antibiotic. The duration of an antibiotic course depends on your response. A beta-blocker tablet or clonidine may help the flushing.
  • Facials – The anti-redness/rosacia facial
  • Facial peels – Enerpeel R Mandelic Acid
  • Laser treatment – Lasers can treat the redness and dilated blood vessels.

Your dermatologist may suggest that you use a combination of topical, oral and laser treatment together.

Before and After Treatment:

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