Mole & Skin Lesions

Mole & Skin Lesions

A mole is a skin lesion that can occur on any part of the body. It can be either raised or flat and is usually harmless. With this said, there are moles which can be cancerous which is why it’s important you record any significant changes to your moles.

The typical number of moles the average person has is between 10 and 40. Some people often have a unique mole which varies in shape, size or colour. You may have had a mole since you were born and throughout your childhood, the mole has developed. A mole that’s visible on the face can cause concerns for those who are self-conscious, hence why LINIA Skin Clinic provide mole removal treatments.

LINIA Skin Clinic also advise you to keep a watchful eye on the development of your moles and skin lesions. Malignant melanoma is found within a mole and normally affects those with fair skin, it can be caused by exposure to the sun and radiation or can be passed down from the family.

We can provide mole and skin lesion treatments if they are causing you problems or if you require testing for skin cancer. Detecting skin cancer early will enable us at LINIA Skin Clinic to provide you with the most effective treatment!

The treatment’s we offer for skin lesion removal are as follows:

  • Shave excision
  • Surgical excision
  • Curettage / cautery

Once LINIA Skin Clinic has removed your mole, we’ll identify what type of mole it was (whether it was cancerous) by sending it off to the histopathology laboratory.

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