Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

Acne and acne scar treatments in London are provided by LINIA Skin Clinic to prevent permanent scarring. Acne is caused by various factors, whether it be down to diet, genetics, hormones or lifestyle.

We can create a personal acne scar treatment plan that suits your individual needs and skin type. Some anti-blemishing products are harsh on the skin and can cause it to feel dry. Depending on whether your acne is moderate, mild or severe, LINIA Skin Clinic can help to eliminate the effects of acne, through a range of different treatments.

First, one of our consultants will examine your skin to identify which acne scar treatment will be most suitable for you. LINIA Skin Clinic provide the following acne treatments:

  • Topical treatments – These are directly applied to the affected area in the form of a gel or cream. We recommend these for those who have mild or moderate acne.
  • Oral antibiotics – These usually take two to six months to provide you with any visible results.
  • Contraceptive pill – This is used to block hormones and reduce oil. It normally takes three to four months before acne improves.
  • Isotretinoin capsules – A powerful acne treatment that is effective for clearing acne scars.
  • Acne scar treatments
  • Other treatments – These include facial peels, LED Light and laser treatment.

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Before and After Treatment:

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