Introducing Beauté Pacifique: evidence based skin-care 

LINIA Skin Clinic is proud to announce that we are the only clinic on Harley Street to supply Beauté Pacifique, a breakthrough portfolio of Danish skincare products quite unlike anything else on the market.

Founded by two scientists with a key interest in cosmeceuticals (cosmetic products with dermatological effects) the Beauté Pacifique skincare system has been scientifically proven to rejuvenate damaged and aging skin. It’s this evidence – along with its unique, patented delivery system – that sets it apart from any other skincare range.

If you haven’t heard of Beauté Pacifique before, you soon will. Early adopters include leading dermatologists, key beauty bloggers and even a certain Danish super model.  And this is why:

It gets vitamin A gets into the skin via a unique and patented ‘delivery system’ (with no harsh reaction):

There are lots of anti-aging creams on the market and most of these focus on the undoubted importance of vitamin A retinols. These retinols are effectively acids and although totally harmless they can be very harsh on the surface skin causing redness and peeling. Beauté Pacifique has therefore developed – and patented – an alternative: Vitamin A esters. These esters use squalane oil (derived from organic olive oil) which effectively ‘seals in’ the vitamin A (and its other active ingredients). The vitamin A therefore only becomes active once it arrives safely where it needs to be: inside the inner skin layers.

In this way Beauté Pacifique doesn’t just improve the surface appearance of the skin (though this is certainly a key reason for its popularity) it actually improves the skin’s biological function – at its deepest levels. With active ingredients also including Vitamins C, D and E, these ingredients penetrate into the dermis to repair and rebuild. After as little as five days of using Beauté Pacifique damage is reversed. This is evidenced. But that’s not all. The Beauté Pacifique system even helps skin create new collagen and elastin – and that’s a real game changer. Even better, we can prove this.

Within seven days your skin will be different –we’ll show you the evidence

This is a range is all about visible results. So the sister company to Beauté Pacifique have developed a DermaScan Ultrasound that offers visible proof. This scanner reveals the condition of the skin right down to its deepest subcutaneous levels – and then shows its repair less than a week later.

In short: Beauté Pacifique works – and this has been scientifically proven in an independent double blinded, placebo-controlled study which was carried out at the dermatological department at Marselisborg Hospital in Denmark.

From aging to acne, rosacea and even stretch marks

Today Beauté Pacifique has grown to become the leading cosmeceutical range in Denmark, and is fast gaining a strong hold in many countries around the world, including the UK.

With a range of face and body products to choose from, Beauté Pacifique is not only a revolutionary anti-aging system, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles but is also highly recommended for conditions such as acne, rosacea and even stretch marks.

Book an appointment today to have your skin scanned using the DermaScan Ultrasound machine. You will then have the true condition of your skin assessed, and a home care programme prescribed for your skin type. Then come back in seven days (or more) and see the difference.