HIFU: A Simple Guide to a Revolutionary Treatment

Some of the most common telltale signs of aging or stress can be found in the skin of the neck and around the eyes. At LINIA Skin Clinic, we know just how frustrating it can be to look in the mirror and see loose or sagging skin when we feel just as youthful and vibrant as ever on the inside. There is, however, a revolutionary remedy now available to resolve this problem and help you look as young as you feel. Take a look below for a simple guide to HIFU – otherwise known as Ulthera – treatment.

  • How Does it Work?

HIFU is non-invasive, so it is an ideal treatment for those who don’t wish to go under the knife. It also works well for those who have undergone invasive cosmetic surgery and wish to rejuvenate its effects after some time has passed. HIFU procedures involve the use of ultrasound to kickstart the production of collagen – the structural protein within the skin that helps in healing, rejuvenating and adding elasticity. This means that HIFU prompts a firming up of problem areas that show signs of aging and sagging.


  • What Does it Involve?

HIFU simply takes one visit to your local specialist lasting less than two hours. No toxins or fillers will be used, just the depositing of ultrasound energy that prompts your body to naturally resume the production of collagen as well as energising the amount that is in existence. It’s pain free and you won’t need to take any time off work. The only side effect you may see is a slight flushing of the skin, and occasionally some swelling – which is completely normal – but this should reduce within an hour or two.


  • How Quickly Will I See Results?

Your skin may look a little fresher almost immediately after treatment, but the really exciting results are yet to come as your body gets to work creating new collagen. Within two to three months, you will look beautifully rejuvenated, with the effects lasting up to a year. You can extend them by calling in for occasional top ups.


  • Is It Safe?

Ultrasound has been relied upon as a safe and effective medical tool for over half a century, and its number of practical uses only continue to grow. Ultrasound is even used in pregnancy scans. The safety of ultrasound, and therefore of HIFU treatments, is undeniable.

If you want to find out more about HIFU and discuss whether this particular procedure is right for you, all you need to do is contact LINIA Skin Clinic today on 0207 100 5252 or email enquiries@liniaskinclinic.com and request a no obligation cosmetic consultation to see how we could help.